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GCA is a vibrant UK concert booking agency formed in 2015. We are truly passionate about live music and offer a high quality bespoke service to bands and artists.

Welcome to GCA - a vibrant UK concert booking agency.

We are truly passionate about live music and our mission is to build a roster of high quality bands and artists, to whom we can provide a personalised concert booking service.

Our very first signing upon our formation in 2015 was Martin Turner, lead vocalist and founding member of the original Wishbone Ash. Acting as sole UK agent, we have been highly successful in rejuvenating Martin’s band’s live activity and broadening his touring circuit considerably, resulting in 2016 seeing the largest number of UK shows his band had performed since 2009 and a follow up period of touring in Spring and Autumn 2017 which has seen many sold-out dates. We are now booking shows for Martin into 2018/19.

Following this success, we were pleased to begin working with legendary UK progressive rock band Curved Air, for whom booked a select number of shows for Autumn 2017 followed by the band's most comprehensive UK tour in several years in Spring/Autumn 2018.

We now look forward to achieving similar results for other artists and are pleased to announce we are also now booking 2018 shows for highly acclaimed UK blues-rock vocalist Deborah Bonham, as well as ex-Magnum keyboard player Mark Stanway. We have also added Midlands folk-rock band Quill, ex-Europe guitarist Kee Marcello, original AC/DC vocalist Dave Evans, original Status Quo drummer John Coghlan and John Lennon tribute The Lennon Mantra to our roster of available bands.

We are presently seeking further bands and artists to represent - both original artists from a variety of musical genres as well as quality tribute bands. In particular, we would like to help artists who have perhaps been told by agents or promoters that there is no market for them or that touring is not financially viable. Or perhaps they feel they have not received a dedicated level of service from their existing agent, due to the number of bands represented. Or maybe they have been doing agency work in-house, eating into time that could otherwise be spent on creative projects. Unlike many established "mainstream" agents, we are prepared to think “outside the box” when it comes to booking shows and boosting your touring circuit.

We offer a fully personalised service and will always endeavour to build up a knowledge of the artist’s objectives and needs when putting a tour together. We like to work closely with bands and/or their management to ensure that touring is viable - for example by ensuring tours are routed sensibly. While we do not fund the costs of touring and promotion, we will offer all assistance we can in helping ensure a tour is cost effective and profitable for the artist. We also have good relations with many of the UK's festivals.

We promise to give each artist dedicated attention and will undertake bespoke marketing of each artist to a truly comprehensive database of the most appropriate UK venues and promoters - pro-activity assured!  Our aim is to build up a manageable roster of carefully selected artists and bands that we can develop a long-standing working relationship with. We will always go the extra mile - after all, your success is our success!

If you feel we may be able to help you book shows, feel free to contact us today for a no-obligation chat.

Venues/promoters - if you would like to book any of our artists, do contact us for more information.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards

Gary Carter


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